http to https redirection

From: MEßNER Arthur,Ing.Mag. <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 15:37:55 +0100


is there any method to do http to https redirection with variable Location

my configuration:

frontend someserver-clear

	acl clear      dst_port  80
	redirect location https://someserver.somedomain/ if clear

it works but redirects something like this


to https://someserver.somedomain/
- no path

is there any way to replace only http to https in redirect, and letting path etc the same ?

the problem is with apache 301 redirections in the same protocol, and the protocol for apache is always http.

something like

https://someserver.somedomain/login apache redirects to
http://someserver.somedomain/login/ which haproxy redirects to

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