Expected haproxy performance inside a VMWare instance

From: lists <lists#loadbalancer.org>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 14:59:02 +0100

I Just wanted to check that my test results make sense.

When I run haproxy in cookie insert mode on dual core celeron hardware and do an apache bench I get
about 10-15% CPU load for 100,000 trans in 80 seconds.

But on a VMware instance (similar CPU) I get 90% CPU load for 100,000 trans in 90 seconds.
If I lower the concurrency from 5 to 1 I get 35% CPU

Is this an expected result? same test results on 64bit and 32bit VMs/hardware
Any performance advise on VM platform?

Malcolm (loadbalancer.org) Received on 2008/07/14 15:59

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