Re[2]: X-forwarded-for header patch

From: Ross West <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:50:34 -0400

WT> I think it can be useful, indeed, especially for people already dealing
WT> with multi-level x-forwarded-for entries, and those expecting to get
WT> x-clientip or things like this.

Yup, I needed X-Cluster-Client-IP: myself.

WT> Could you please repost your patch in "diff -u" format ?
WT> Also, ensure that it's properly formatted, I see spaces
WT> everywhere at the beginning of lines, so I suspect that
WT> your mail agent has mangled it (use plain text attachment
WT> if you want)

That's probably a bit of both - it was a 'quick' patch using a lot of cut'n'paste from other sections of code, with no real care for neatness. I was looking for commentary and then would clean it up if wanted.

So I'll clean and re-diff it now.

WT> . Last request : please update the doc entry
WT> when adding a feature. Don't spend too much time on it,
WT> but I really expect people who contribute features to add
WT> a few words suggesting a typical usage of such features.

No problem. I did most of it already at the top of the email, so adding a bit more and diffing it into the documentation isn't an issue.


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