Re: HA Proxy as Amazon S3 Content Switch

From: Willy Tarreau <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 22:21:05 +0200

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 12:59:18PM -0700, John Singleton wrote:
> >Also, is it possible that the server simply does not accept your
> >Host: header ?
> I have no idea :) How could I check/debug this?

When you telnet into the server port, add "Host:" before the empty line. If it fails, it means the server is picky about the hostname.

> Should I be rewriting the host headers?

If the test above fails, yes, you'll have to.

> >Do you also have "option httpclose" on the other backend ? It would
> >be possible
> >that the static request is always sent as part of a keep-alive
> >connection
> >directed to the dynamic backend instead of being switched to the
> >static one.
> >In doubt, you should set "option httpclose" in the frontend.
> It is, in fact. I just tried it on the frontend as well, but no luck.


> The only notable weirdness is that when I get an error back, the error
> says "no such bucket" and then indicates the hostname as the bucket I
> was trying to access---which is not the case. So for example, if I try
> to access, it says "No Such
> Bucket:" when in fact I am trying to access the bucket content-
> cache. So something is clearly getting mangled.

It still might be that it refuses requests for and only accepts

> I should note that I also tried this exact same setup with another CDN
> service, (very fast, global, pay as you go CDN) and it
> doesn't work either. In the CacheFly setup, I structured the
> directories so that I didn't need to rewrite the URLs---so clearly
> rewriting the URL isn't the problem here, but rather some general
> problem that prohibits it from working with CDN setups. Doing it with
> a web server on the backend (apache, lighttpd) works flawlessly.

I would say it's heading towards a Host: issue :-/

I hope it's just that, in which case it'll be an easy config fix.

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