1.3.18 randomly generates "sH-- 504" on POST requests

From: Pedro Mata-Mouros Fonseca <pedro.matamouros#sapo.pt>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 23:56:23 +0000


We had an issue with 1.3.18 that pushed us to update HAProxy's version to the latest stable on the 1.4 branch. After almost two days, it seems the update solved this, so I'm guessing a bug was somewhere along the line.

The issue was on a POST file upload to a backend, where HAProxy would send several segments of the file and receive ACKs as it went along, but then suddenly it stopped sending more segments to the backend (don't know now if it happened only on the last segment or not). After this stall, "timeout server" would kick in and a 504 would be returned to the client. Right after "timeout server" got triggered, the rest of the file was then sent to the backend successfully.

I don't want to waste anybody's time, but I'd really love to know what happened. Going through the changelogs I found the following, but I don't really know if this was the bug or what was the underlying cause:

1.3.19/1.4-dev1 => [BUG] fix random pauses on last segment of a series

Does anyone know/remember this issue and what was causing it?


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