loop in 1.5-dev4 ?

From: Martin Kofahl <M.Kofahl#gmx.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 12:52:23 +0100

I tried the following (shortened) configuration with the latest snapshot 1.5-dev4-20110317 and plain 1.5-dev4.

frontend FRONT

        mode http
        bind 10.a.b.c:80
        default_backend BACK

backend BACK
        mode http
        server DEF 10.d.e.f:80

With 1.4 the backend works fine, but with 1.5-dev4 haproxy connects itself in stead of the backend. Can you please verify this behavior?

Debug log (shortened) haproxy 1.4.4

00000000:FRONT.accept(0005)=0007 from [10.x.y.z:2028]
00000000:FRONT.clireq[0007:ffff]: GET /fff HTTP/1.1
00000000:FRONT.clihdr[0007:ffff]: Host: 10.a.b.c
00000000:BACK.srvrep[0007:0008]: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Debug log (shortened) haproxy 1.5-dev4

00000001:FRONT.accept(0005)=0007 from [10.x.y.z:2034]
00000001:FRONT.clireq[0007:ffff]: GET /fff HTTP/1.1
00000001:FRONT.clihdr[0007:ffff]: Host: 10.a.b.c
00000002:FRONT.accept(0005)=0009 from [10.a.b.c:38839] <--- wrong!!
00000002:FRONT.clireq[0009:ffff]: GET /fff HTTP/1.1
00000002:FRONT.clihdr[0009:ffff]: Host: FRONT
00000002:FRONT.clihdr[0009:ffff]: X-Forwarded-For: 10.x.y.z
00000002:FRONT.clihdr[0009:ffff]: Connection: close
00000003:FRONT.accept(0005)=000b from [10.a.b.c:38840]
00000003:FRONT.clireq[000b:ffff]: GET /fff HTTP/1.1
00000003:FRONT.clihdr[000b:ffff]: Connection: close
00000003:FRONT.clihdr[000b:ffff]: Host: FRONT
00000003:FRONT.clihdr[000b:ffff]: X-Forwarded-For: 10.a.b.c

Kind regards
Martin Received on 2011/03/21 12:52

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